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You all are probably wondering why I’m going to try and convince you to watch the Taylor Swift documentary (as I’m sure many of you have dubbed it). There are a lot reasons why you should check it out and whether or not you are a fan of hers isn’t important. This movie touches on so many valid and relatable subjects that people of all ages can appreciate it!

It is common knowledge that Taylor disappeared from the public eye for an entire year. As she stated in the film, that is what she thought everyone wanted. But it is how she dealt with the media, all those unbelievable comments, accusations and scrutiny that really is inspiring to watch.

Standing up for something you believe in is extremely important. However, being able to really get a message across is not always easy. Celebrities’ opinions have a stronger impact because so many people look up to them and often they have to think before they act. Speaking from experience, it is also sometimes harder for a woman to find her voice.

Taylor defies these odds. Not only does she touch upon the time she took a man to court for sexual harassment, but she was also vocal about the slander she received from both men and women about her appearance and who she was supposedly dating at the time. To be slut shamed by your own gender is not okay. We should build each other up, not tear each other down.

One scene that was the most interesting to witness focused on Taylor’s argument with her production team – all of who are male, including her own father – about post her political views on social media. Despite their warnings and the potential backlash, she candidly speaks about wanting to spread awareness and her hopes in shedding more light on an otherwise complicated subject. The way she decides to make the post anyway is commendable.

A lot of people have things to say about Taylor Swift. Believe it or not, I was one of those people who judged her. At the end of the day, she is just someone who is trying to find her place in the world like the rest of us. After seeing exactly what she went through one thing rings clear. She is a true inspiration.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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