The Wrong Missy

the wrong missy

The Wrong Missy…the wrong movie! Guys. This was SO BAD. I don’t even know what possessed me to watch it in the first place. I guess quarantine did. These types of films are not usually my thing and I’m not a fan of any of the actors either. I should have just trusted my initial instinct after seeing the trailer that it was not for me, but I didn’t. I wanted so badly to think it was going to be okay and now, almost two weeks later, I am still scarred.

Tim (David Spade) has been at the same job for forever. He desperately wants to move up and go for a promotion, but no matter what he does, he is overlooked. Throw in a recent break up with his fiancee (Sarah Chalke), and he’s got on his plate. When he runs into the beautiful Melissa (Molly Sims) at the airport before a business trip, sparks fly. The two swap numbers and vow to stay in touch. The company retreat is fast approaching and Tim has the great idea to invite Melissa along for the weekend. He’s hoping that with her on his arm, his boss (Geoff Pierson) might finally notice him.

So when an entirely different woman shows up on the flight to Hawaii, Tim is dumbfounded. Turns out he had two numbers with the name Missy in his phone and the one he accidentally invited is none other than the girl he went on a disastrous date with months ago.

Now Tim is stuck with her. This Missy (Lauren Lapkus) is rude, she’s crude and she’s literally batshit crazy. But as he starts spending more time with her, he realises that there’s something about her that he just can’t seem to shake.

The type of humor depicted throughout is not my cup of tea. Most of the time it was like they were trying way too hard to be funny, but the jokes ended up flat. I maybe laughed a couple of times at the most, if at all.

In addition, there were so many problematic scenes that I came close to grabbing the remote and switching the thing off halfway through. This was probably where I struggled most because I’ve seen it so many times before. These types of movies remind me so much of Superbad and Knocked Up where women are used as pawns for a man’s desire and because of that, treated so unfairly.

Something else that really did not sit well with me was a scene where Missy engaged in some sexual activities with Tim that seemed to be against his will. No means no and she still carried on regardless of what he wanted. I just…I can’t.

The only reason this movie is getting any stars at all is because of the gorgeous Hawaiian views and the fact that it didn’t have your typical Hollywood ending. Despite Missy getting a lot of flak in the beginning for being out there, there are some redeeming and endearing qualities about her and she really did mean well.

Unfortunately I wish I could go back in time and unsee this. I want that hour and a half back.

Rating: ♥

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