I’m not sure if I was more excited to watch Tenet because of the actual story or because it was the first real movie release in months. Regardless, I went into it with an open mind, which is something one needs to do while watching a Christopher Nolan movie – the man is notorious for leaving his audiences confused! Overall I had a positive experience throughout and was pleasantly surprised.

The story follows The Protagonist (John David Washington) whose mission is to save the world. In order to do this, he must travel between alternate periods of time. As he embarks on his journey with the help of Neil (Robert Pattinson), The Protagonist will realise that what is he grappling with is unlike anything he has ever experienced, let alone anything he will ever truly be able to comprehend.

I have to be completely honest here. I struggled to understand what was happening most of the time. There was a lot going on and the time travel really screwed with my mind.

That being said, this did not deter me from thoroughly enjoying myself the entire time. I was 100% engrossed and found the film to be very entertaining. It was an interesting concept, at least what I could grasp. The actions sequences in particular were perfectly executed and kept me on the edge of my seat.

I thought that John David Washington did an amazing job helming the cast of this picture. Robert Pattinson, in comparison, was a surprise for me. I was impressed with his acting chops and do feel that the guy gets so much flak for having starred in Twilight. We should all give him a break!  In addition, the supporting roles played by Elizabeth Debicki, Clemence Poesy and Kenneth Branagh were equally phenomenal. I truly believe if any other actor had been cast, the whole thing wouldn’t have worked.

When I think of Nolan’s films, aside from the general confusion, the one word that comes to my mind is epic. His movies are so intricately thought out, the cast always expertly chosen that it really does all come together seamlessly at the end of the day.

If you are looking for something epic, then this is the one for you! Just keep in mind that you may have to watch it a couple times to truly understand what is actually going on.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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