Unpregnant is officially one of my new all time favorites. Everything about it was exactly what I need in a movie. It’s funny, it’s topical, it’s relatable and there are friendship goals like I have never seen before. Sometimes a movie just clicks for a person. This was mine.

When Veronica (Haley Lu Richardson) discovers that she is pregnant, she freaks out. Having a baby at seventeen is not something she ever saw for herself. Despite her overeager boyfriend being totally okay with the news, if Veronica’s parents ever found out, they’d be so disappointed. The only thing she can do is get an abortion. The problem is that the closest clinic that will preform the procedure without parental consent is in Albuquerque. Luckily Veronica has some savings, but she is missing means of transportation.

Enter Bailey (Barbie Ferreira). Veronica and Bailey used to be best friends, but they drifted apart in middle school. Bailey happened to be in the very restroom when Veronica was taking the test and so there was no hiding the truth. Plus, she had a car.

So the two former friends set off on a fourteen hour journey. Many obstacles are thrown their way and nothing goes the way that either planned. Soon they are reminded of why they were so close to begin with and where they went wrong in the past.

I laughed out loud so many times during this movie. It was that funny. The chemistry between Haley Lu and Barbie was off the charts. I want a friendship like theirs. They are truly each others’ ride or dies and it radiated from the screen.

Ultimately though, I loved how the story really went above and beyond to push the envelope when it comes to abortion. Abortion is a taboo subject you are either in favour for or not. Regardless, it is something that makes people uncomfortable to talk about. I believe that this was a realistic depiction of teen pregnancy and one of the outcomes that can come from it. Veronica knew that she was in no way prepared to become a mother and so she made the best decision she could, not only for herself, but for her unborn baby too. Grappling with her decision, especially considering her strict Christian upbringing, Veronica sticks to her guns and doesn’t let anybody get in her way. I found that to be so inspiring.

I truly think that everyone should watch Unpregnant. It taught me more about a difficult topic and has paved the way for conversations to come.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥.5

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