Fear Street Part 3: 1666

In the final instalment of the Fear Street trilogy, we are transported back in time to 1666. Finally, we would be able to see the beginning of Sarah Fier’s curse! Not only do we have the chance to witness the events leading up to her death, but we are also able to have a better understanding of who she really was. Meanwhile, back in 1994, the teenagers are once again in a race against time to save Shadyside and put an end to the curse forever.

When the movie started, I’ll admit that I was skeptical. While I’m so happy to have learned more about Sarah, it took a little bit of time for the story to take off. As soon as things picked up though, I was completely transfixed and couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen. I thought it was interesting as well how the lives of Sarah and Hannah seemed to mimic those of Deena and Sam’s and how at the end of the day the theme of love was at the root of the entire story.

The way in which everything came together was really impressive. I was hoping for a proper wrap up and was not let down in the slightest. There were twists and turns galore, however the main one was pulled off so incredibly well that I was left speechless. Still two days later, I am thinking about it! Now that I have seen all three films, I would love to rewatch them sequentially so that I can catch the little clues and see how they fall into place.

I am still amazed at how much of a treat Fear Street has been for me. Sure I was curious at first, but I never expected to become such a dedicated fan. I hope that this isn’t the last we have seen of this franchise but until then, I am going to seriously consider venturing future into the horror genre.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥.5

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