Afterlife of the Party

Cassie (Victoria Justice) has always been the life of the party. No matter the occasion, she will drop everything to have a good time and her twenty fifth birthday is no exception. But when Cassie unexpectedly dies, she is transported to the ‘in between’ where she meets an angel named Val (Robyn Scott). Val tells Cassie that she has a chance to make amends with the important people in her life which will ultimately determine her path into the afterlife. Cassie thinks making her parents (Adam Garcia and Gloria Garcia) and best friend Lisa (Midori Francis) know she is okay will be a walk in the park however she soon realizes that she may need to put more work into it before it’s too late.

This supernatural comedy was something of a surprise for me. It had looked cute in the trailer, but of course I went into it not expecting much. And while the movie was no masterpiece, I enjoyed it for what it was. Sometimes you just need a mindless chick flick, you know?

The plot was different and interesting. I liked how Cassie was given a second chance and the audience had the opportunity to see her grow into a better version of herself. Victoria Justice did a good job in her role. A standout for me, however, was Midori Francis of Dash and Lily fame. I really liked her in that when it came out over Christmas and it is great to see her acting in more roles. Also, Robyn Scott as Val also provided a lot of necessary comedic relief.

Afterlife of the Party was one of those films that just made me smile and believe in happy endings despite the heavier underlying themes. It won’t be winning any awards anytime soon, but it was something I needed in the moment and that was enough for me.

Rating: ♥♥♥

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