The Royal Treatment

Outspoken Izzy (Laura Marano) runs her own salon in New York City and dreams of one day leaving her life behind to travel the world. Prince Thomas (Mena Massoud) is about to marry the woman (Phoenix Connolly) his father (Paul Norell) and stepmother (Teuila Blakely) have chosen for him. When Izzy has the chance to do the hair for the royal wedding, sparks between her and the prince while learning that it is okay to follow your heart every once in awhile.

Giving off major A Christmas Prince meets The Princess Switch vibes, The Royal Treatment was a cute story about being true to yourself regardless of what your family and society thinks. I like how headstrong Izzy was and how she helped bring Thomas out of his shell. I was rooting for them from their very first meeting at the LaMott Hotel. The chemistry could have been stronger, but I was all for that scene in the wheelbarrow.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much else to enjoy here. The plot lacked substance and I felt like the story dragged at times. Had it been fleshed out some more, I think it would have been much better. Laura Marano’s accent was overdone and grated on my nerves. I also couldn’t believe that I was watching Mena Massoud as the prince. I guess he really has been struggling to find work since Aladdin.

Overall, the movie was fine, but that’s about it. If I’m being honest, I expected to enjoy it the same way I do the above mentioned titles and couldn’t help but feel rather disappointed with the outcome.

Rating: ♥♥

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