The story of Cyrano de Bergerac is one that is known by many. Though he has a way with words, Cyrano (Peter Dinklage) struggles with his appearance and worries that it will prevent him from winning over the woman of his dreams, Roxanne (Haley Bennett). Meanwhile, Roxanne has fallen in love with Christian (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) at first sight, and Cyrano jumps at the chance to intervene. He’ll write letters to Roxanne on Christian’s behalf and she’ll never know that it’s him. As his feelings grow, however, so do the complications of this agreement.

Musicals are a big plus for me. Incorporating various numbers throughout was a fresh and interesting take. Having witnessed Haley Bennett’s singing chops in Music and Lyrics, I knew that she would knock this out of the park. Kelvin Harrison Jr. was a great accompaniment to her and even Peter Dinklage did what he could with his songs. In fact, Peter Dinklage’s overall performance was absolutely wonderful. I’ve been a fan of his since Game of Thrones, but his portrayal of Cyrano solidified that he can helm any project.

I love the way in which this was filmed. Like something from a dream, the colorful and old fashioned costumes as well as the lavish locations used throughout, I thought it was a great choice. It made me yearn for a time and place for which I have only ever seen or read about.

This new version of Cyrano was one that surprised me, delighted me and also made me feel kind of sad. It is quite the story and I appreciated the changes that director Joe Wright took to bring it into the 21st century.

Rating: ♥♥♥

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