The Weekend Away

Based on the novel by Sarah Alderson, The Weekend Away is about best friends Beth (Leighton Meester) and Kate (Christina Wolfe) who meet up in Croatia for a girl’s trip. Beth has just had a baby while Kate is going through a divorce. After a crazy night of partying, Beth wakes up and discovers that Kate is missing. She’s not answering her phone, her purse has disappeared and the police don’t seem concerned. With the help of Zain (Ziad Bakri), Beth races against time to piece together what happened, with each clue becoming more deceptive than the last.

When I heard that Netflix was coming out with a new book to movie adapation, I raced to buy it. I always try to read the book before the movie and let’s be real, most of the time the former is better than the latter. I devoured it in one sitting and was completely swept up in the story; surely there was no way the movie would be done justice. I just wish I hadn’t been right about that.

My first problem with the film was the acting. It was subpar at best. Even Leighton Meester who I’m a big fan of wasn’t able to save it. There weren’t any standout performances and some of the characters lacked depth. At least we had the beautiful Croatian background to keep us happy.

For the most part, I have to admit that the movie hit the most important plot points. It drove me crazy that they changed the main character’s name and the initial location, but I digress. Where it all went wrong was during the climax. That final twist is make or break for me and I really don’t like what they did with it here. It changed my whole outlook.

Overall, The Weekend Away was fine, but if I’m being honest, you are probably better off reading the book. I promise it is so much more worth it.

Rating: ♥♥

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