Purple Hearts

Cassie Salazar (Sofia Carson) and Luke Morrow (Nicholas Galitzine) couldn’t be more opposite from each other if they tried. Cassie, a singer/songwriter, works every odd job in order to afford her diabetes medicine while Luke has decided to enlist in the military after a stint in rehab. Deciding to get married solely for the benefits they would both receive, the two believe their arrangement won’t last for longer than a year. But when Luke is injured in battle, everything changes.

To think I almost missed out on this movie. I wasn’t expecting much from it because, you know, Netflix. Their films have been more miss lately than hit and I didn’t want to be disappointed. But I was in the mood for something romantic and this totally fit the bill. I have to say it actually exceeded my expectations in more ways than one and I’m still surprised over how much I liked it.

Carson and Galitzine shined together as the two leads. Their chemistry was palpable from their first scene in the bar and didn’t let up for one second. I liked how it was slow burn and how they really got to know each other before their feelings developed on a deeper level. The fake relationship trope was well done here, much to my delight.

While the film was predictable, I have to say that that didn’t deter my enjoyment of it. Sometimes it’s nice knowing that there will be a happy ending. It’s all about the journey that takes you there. I would have appreciated more in the final act, however. All the loose ends were tied up rather quickly and a bit too perfectly for my liking. There were certain conversations that should have been had, like between Cassie and her mother, that would have added a little more beef.

Overall, Purple Hearts was probably one of the biggest surprises I’ve had in a long time. I went into it not expecting anything and was really touched when it was done.

Rating: ♥♥♥.5

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