We Have A Ghost

If Casper had a baby, it would be We Have A Ghost. Based on the short story Ernest by Geoff Manaugh and adapted into a film by Christopher Landon, the film follows the Presley family who move into a dusty old home that just so happens to inhabit a ghost. Youngest son, Kevin (Jahi Winston) isn’t afraid however and the two strike up a friendship. Unfortunately Kevin’s dad Frank (Anthony Mackie) gets himself in too deep, looking to turn the ghost into a social media sensation.

David Harbour as the phantom Ernest and is truly the soul of the movie. As he isn’t actually able to speak, each emotion is conveyed by facial expressions. I thought this would get tiresome, but it just goes to show that Harbour was a great choice for the role. The relationship that formed between Ernest and Kevin carried the film; Kevin considers Ernest to be just a regular guy and is totally devoted to helping him.

The rest of the cast do a decent enough job. Mackie, in an unlikable role as a father who just doesn’t seem to really get it, is convincing. It was also a lot of fun to have the incomparable Jennifer Coolidge as psychic Judy Romano. She wasn’t featured in many scenes, but when she was on screen, she shone bright. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for Tig Notaro who once again seemed out of place in a subplot that I didn’t quite feel was necessary.

While the pacing was a bit all over the place, especially in the second half, and I did not understand the point of the CIA storyline, there was something heartwarming about We Have A Ghost. I’ve always loved the found family trope and this time around was no exception. This may not be a movie I’ll be running back to watch anytime soon, but it was one I had a good time with in the moment.

Rating: ♥️♥️♥️

Shotgun Wedding

Darcy (Jennifer Lopez) and Tom (Josh Duhamel) are all set to get married in a lavish wedding in The Philippines. The walk down the aisle won’t be an easy feat, however, with their ever clashing families and Darcy’s ex Sean (Lenny Kravitz) showing up unexpectedly. As the cold feet start to slowly seep in, the unbelievable happens just hours before they’re set to say I do – the entire wedding party is taken hostage by a group of pirates and it is up to Darcy and Tom to save them before its too late.

I’d been looking forward to checking out Shotgun Wedding. Lopez, hot off her success from last year’s Marry Me is back in another action adventure romantic comedy romp, though I should mention that I preferred the former. Still, this one wasn’t awful. Her chemistry with Duhamel worked surprisingly well (I can’t help but wonder how it would have been seeing Armie Hammer in that role instead) and they certainly got themselves into some crazy predicaments. Just when things would calm down, they would ramp right back up again.

The supporting cast had some standouts too. We had Cheech Marin as Darcy’s dad Robert and D’Arcy Carden as his girlfriend Harriet, both who made for some fun moments. But it was obviously the always charming Jennifer Coolidge who stole every scene she was in. She’s been having such a brilliant year and she one hundred percent deserves it.

With the beautiful and exotic beach location backdrop, Shotgun Wedding was the perfect escapism movie. It wasn’t amazing by any means, but there were some laughs here and there and a couple twists along the way that did actually pack a punch. Easy viewing at its finest.

Rating: ♥️♥️.5

Single All The Way

Tired of his family’s judgement on his single status, Peter (Michael Urie) begs his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to come home with him for Christmas so they can pretend to be in a relationship. The plan seems perfect since everyone in Peter’s family thinks they should end up together anyway, until his mom Carole (Kathy Najimy) interferes and sets him up on a blind date with her trainer James (Luke Macfarlane), causing everything to go haywire.

Single All The Way is a great holiday rom-com and I love that it is Netflix’s first with same sex representation. Despite the predictable storyline, I was still swept up in the joy of it all. The scene, in particular, of Peter dancing with his two nieces to my favorite Christmas song My Only Wish (This Year) by Britney Spears will live rent free in my mind for months to come.

I have to give a special shout out to the cast. Not only was the chemistry between Michael Urie and Philemon Chambers adorable, but some of the supporting members were too good for words. Kathy Najimy shined as Peter’s mom. I loved her meddlesome ways and how supportive she was of her son. Jennifer Roberston of Schitt’s Creek fame was hilarious as Peter’s sister Lisa and who could forget Jennifer Coolidge as Peter’s aunt Sandy? The woman is amazing in everything she does and this was no exception.

Everything about Single All The Way was perfect and just what we need for this time of the year. There may not be anything special about it, however, it will leave you feeling all warm in fuzzy inside.

Rating: ♥♥♥