One True Loves

For six years, Emma Blair (Phillipa Soo) and Jesse Learner (Luke Bracey) were the perfect couple, traveling the world together and falling deeper in love with every passing day. But when Jesse goes away on the trip of a lifetime and his helicopter goes down, Emma believes that he’s dead. Moving on seems impossible, but with the help of her family, she manages to get back on her feet. She even gets a second shot at love with childhood friend Sam (Simu Liu). As life gets back on track, Emma receives a call that changes everything – Jesse is alive after all. Suddenly she is faced with making an impossible choice for her future.

I have literally been trying to watch this movie for a month so you could imagine how happy I was when it finally hit Prime this weekend. Considering the fact that I was a big fan of the book by Taylor Jenkins Reid, I was curious to see how the adaption would hold up. There were some good parts, but there were, unfortunately, some not so good ones as well and overall it could have been much better.

Let me start with the good. I thought the casting choices were spot on. Soo as Emma was excellent. She first stole our hearts as Eliza Hamilton in the stage production of Hamilton and I am so glad that she’s breaking out into more projects now. Her performance was genuine and filled with earnest. I also loved Liu as the leading man here! Give this man more romance roles because he absolutely smashed this. Bracey was fine as Jesse, exactly as I imagined he’d be and it was hard to choose who I wanted Emma to be with.

Where I think this film suffered was in its marketing. Produced by Buzzfeed Studios, not a lot of people knew about it and it shows. With a bigger budget, I think it could have made for a decent enough. And as for the changes that were made, while I understand this is normal, I felt like the constant flashbacks came off as confusing and the way in which the scenes were cut together seemed choppy and uneven.

Am I still happy that I finally had the chance to check out One True Loves? Of course I am! It made for some easy Friday night viewing after a hectic work week. While this film may have missed the mark, it wasn’t all bad.

Rating: ♥️♥️.5