Owning a robot may be illegal, but that doens’t stop womanizer Charles (Jack Whitehall) and gold digger Elaine (Shailene Woodley) from using theirs to help them get by in life. Things get complicated when their counterparts fall in love, forcing Charles and Elaine to team up to put a stop to the shenanigans before people start to catch on that it isn’t actually them.

The most interesting aspect of this movie for me was the integration of robots into society. The fact that we are closer to a reality where we can exist with robots than not is a scary thought and I loved that it was explored here. Having the robots in work settings, doing housework and the like is going to be a reality before we know it and I very much enjoyed this futuristic take.

Whitehall was a great choice for the role of Charles. Slightly different than the usual comedian, it worked for him. Alternatively, this was something different for Woodley, who I’ve come to know for more dramatic parts. That’s not to say she wasn’t as enjoyable and I thought the two played off well against each other. The way in which they differentiated the leads to the robots was also impressive and definitely confused me at times!

The film may have had an interesting premise and good leads, but that is all it boasted. The slapstick comedy and raunchy jokes were a bit much at times. I think they would have benefitted by added some more heartwarming moments. This would have allowed them to reach

All that being said, Robots was perfectly fine for a casual night in after work. It served its purpose in providing enough entertainment, but could have been much better.

Rating: ♥️♥️.5