A Nice Girl Like You

a nice girl like you

Anything Lucy Hale touches turns to gold. Fact. She hasn’t starred in something I haven’t liked and I’m happy to report that the same applied here. A Nice Girl Like You only grabbed my attention about a week before it was set to come out and I knew then and there that I would add it to my list. Maybe my expectations were a bit too high going into it, but I’m still glad I watched this.

Lucy (Lucy Hale) is a nice girl. A violinist who always takes pride in sticking to the rules and playing it safe, her world is suddenly turned upside down when her long time boyfriend Jeff (Stephen Friedrich) breaks up with her. The reason? She’s uptight in every sense of the word and he can’t take it anymore.

So, Lucy decides to create a list of wild to dos that she hopes will get her to step outside of her comfort zone. With the help of her friends and fellow violinists Nessa (Jackie Cruz), Pricilla (Mindy Cohn) and Paul (Adhir Kalyan), Lucy is guided through all sorts of eye opening situations. Meanwhile, she keeps running into the dashing Grant (Leonidas Gulaptis) almost every where she turns. But there is one questions she cannot shake: does he really want to help her break free of her inhibitions or is there something else up his sleeve?

Funny and cute are the two words that come to mind when describing this film.  I liked how it didn’t shy far from real life situations especially if someone is dealing with a similar situation as Lucy was. There were definitely some laugh out loud moments as well as some cringe worthy ones. Overall though, you end up rooting for Lucy and hope that she gets her groove back and this makes those otherwise uncomfortable moments worth it.

The chemistry between Grant and Lucy was fun to watch, but I have to say that my favorite dynamic was actually the friendship between Lucy and her three besties. I could tell while watching that they really were supportive of her endeavors, no matter how strange they became. I mean, Paul even took her to a brothel! No normal friend would do that.

Unfortunately, the pacing was quite slow and I found myself checking the time (and my phone) throughout. It just did not hold my attention all the way through! Not only that, but I felt like the thing that ties it all together was missing and I was left wanting more.

Rating: ♥♥♥

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