A Week Away

Bad boy Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) from the wrong side of the tracks literally has nowhere left to go when he finds himself at summer camp for the first time. Feeling like a fish out of water, he somehow finds a friend in bunk mate George (Jahbril Cook), a father figure in camp director David (David Koechner) as well as girl next door Avery (Bailee Madison) who completely changes his outlook on life – and love.

If High School Musical and Camp Rock had a baby, it would be A Week Away. High School Musical and Camp Rock both helped shape my teenage years which meant there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that this movie was a must watch. I knew I would end up liking it; I just wasn’t sure by how much. I’m actually surprised this movie wasn’t marketed more and that more people aren’t talking about it!

I liked the musical for a variety of reasons. The cast are all fresh-faced and full of talent. Kevin Quinn and Bailee Madison had amazing chemistry that had me rooting for their characters from the very first time they were on screen together. The supporting cast in Jahrbil Cook and David Koechner as well as Kat Conner Sterling as Avery’s best friend Presley, Iain Tucker as troublemaker Sean and Sherri Shepherd as George’s mom Kristin, I am sure we will see them all in many projects to come.

The storyline, while predictable at times, was still entertaining. I appreciated that more adult themes were dealt with and despite the cheesiness of some scenes, it didn’t deter from the overall moral of the story.

I also really enjoyed the music. All of the songs were catchy and came with top notch dance sequences. I know that they will all be stuck in my head as I’ve basically had them on repeat since.

If you are in the mood for a fun musical, A Week Away is worth checking out. It’ll have you smiling from ear to ear and dreaming of summer.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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