I finally sat down and watched Minari the other day. It really is worth all the hype. I wasn’t sure that it would be my type of movie at first, but after all of it’s success and the fact that it has been winning all of these awards left, right and center, my interest peaked. I knew I had to watch it! I had a feeling it was going to leave an impression on me though I don’t think I realized just how special it was really going to be.

The story follows a Korean-American family who move to Arkansas in hopes of starting a farm. Despite the fact that they will face many challenges along the way in order to achieve their American dream, they will also learn about the true value of family and what it really means to make a home.

While the movie is slow, I felt like it needed to be that way in order to capture the true essence of it. Usually something like this would put me off, however I have to say that that wasn’t the case here. I enjoyed watching the events unfold while learning about these characters in the process.

The casting choices in Steven Yeun as father Jacob, Han Ye-ri as mother Monica, Alan S. Kim as son David, Noel Cho as daughter Anne and Youn Yuh-Jung as grandmother Soonja were all A+ choices. They were so believable as a family with their many ups and downs that you really do end up rooting for them throughout. The addition of Will Patton as Paul who helped Jacob on the farm was great as well.

Minari really is as good as everyone says it is. I loved every moment. It left me feeling deeply touched and hopeful for the future which is so important these days. I hope it wins the Oscar for Best Picture.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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